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Torn – Part1

I am at this point in my life where I think I needed to really do something to change the course of fate that this journey is leading me to, not necessarily for me, but mostly for two innocent souls, reliant on my guidance and providence.

I am a working mom and prior to having these two lovely angels in my life, I was so sure that I wont last long being a plain housewife. I don’t like staying at home for it bores me easily. I don’t like being idle even just for a day for it promotes procrastination deep within my being.

I so love dressing up and grooming myself for work everyday. I like keeping myself busy at work and the feeling of being accomplished at the end of the day is priceless.

I have never imagined myself staying at home and being a full time mom for good.

But now, everytime my 3yrs old son ask me not to leave him for work, and how the face of my 11yrs old daughter light up everytime I take a leave from work, my platonic heart feels thousands of pinches altogether.

Two sweet and innocent souls been longing for consistent guidance and affection.

What shall I do?



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