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Old Pieces of Mine – Page8

Title: Soulmates

Composed: 03/12/2000


You were going on your way

And I’m going on mine

You have your own life

Entirely different from mine


You came from a world

Not as simple as I used to

But we’ve found ourselves together

How come, we both dont know


We wonder what had happened

You never planned everything

And never did I…

We forgot where, how and why


Events had changed unintentionally

Everything becomes familiar for you and me

Haven’t we met before?… Did we?

Is this a rewind? or somewhat a replay?


Your voice sounds familiar

As if, I am used hearing it before

Your touch, your caress,

These are all I’m longing for…


Even when you’re far from me

I feel it when you’re missing me

I know when you tell the truth

I may not say it, but its in my thoughts


You can’t tell me that you feel good

When you are not…

You can’t hide anything,

Coz I’ll always know…

It’s none of any magic…


That’s just what soulmates do.



not a writer | not even a blogger | loves to share ideas & encouragements | aims to spread positive vibes | a mother of two | family is always a priority | believes that dreams do come true | & can make a difference to the world β™₯😜β™₯

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