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A Dream

It was back when we were young.

We were hanging out at your ancestor’s home.

It was simple, no fancy foods and stuff.

We were just there, together, enjoying each other’s company.

We were talking childishly, we were happy.

The settings and your presence made me feel so calm, so surreal.

I wanted to stay longer in that place, in that moment, with you around.

But then I woke up, to my reality.

Though, I recognized something familiar about it.

Its not something that actually happened in the past.

But it’s the exact dream I had about 2 or 3 weeks ago.


P/S. Photo not mine. Credits to owner. 





not a writer | not even a blogger | loves to share ideas & encouragements | aims to spread positive vibes | a mother of two | family is always a priority | believes that dreams do come true | & can make a difference to the world ♥😜♥

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