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A long spacious road, not so dark, not so idle but so quiet,

The silhouette of few people smoothly and slowly passing by,

The soft rustling sound of tree leaves and branches nearby,

The cold midnight breeze that kissed my almost sun burnt skin,

Then I felt a deep longing creep up within my being,

My soul yearned to be somewhere I used to belong.




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Sunday Thoughts

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Smile, it wont it hurt!

When things gets tough, do you think it’ll get better if you’ll be upset?
When things wont go as planned, do you think it’ll make any difference if u frown?
When your patience been up to its limit, do you think it’ll make a better you if you’ll be mad?
When you think you have been waiting way too long, did you consider what was happening on the one that you have been waiting for?
When you get disappointed on something, did you ask yourself why it ended up so disappointing?
When you get so uptight, do you think you’ll need to pass it on?
Why don’t you stop a while, free your mind, breath in, breath out

Then smile… It wont hurt.