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Old Pieces of Mine – Page2


Found some old pieces of mine

This one here is from my 1997 composition

M – My love for you will never end
It is deep as the ocean
It is bright as the sun
It is infinite as the existence of human
A – Always remember me whatever you do

A person who loves you whoever you are
My love will protect you
And keep you from any harm
I – I will be at your side whenever you need me
I’ll be understanding if you’ll realize you don’t love me
I wont be demanding if you have a change of mind
Just be honest to yourself and everything will be fine
L – Love is patient, love is kind
That’s the kind of love, the love of mine
Love me for what I am coz that’s the real me
Don’t love me just to feed your fantasy
Y – You are my one and only love
My heart is just for you to have
But if you’ll find a special someone
Always remember “I” am only one
N – No one can replace you my man
Nobody can take my heart from you
Even if we will be apart, and no one
Can love you as what I have done

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