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A long spacious road, not so dark, not so idle but so quiet,

The silhouette of few people smoothly and slowly passing by,

The soft rustling sound of tree leaves and branches nearby,

The cold midnight breeze that kissed my almost sun burnt skin,

Then I felt a deep longing creep up within my being,

My soul yearned to be somewhere I used to belong.




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Old Pieces of Mine – Page2


Found some old pieces of mine

This one here is from my 1997 composition

M – My love for you will never end
It is deep as the ocean
It is bright as the sun
It is infinite as the existence of human
A – Always remember me whatever you do

A person who loves you whoever you are
My love will protect you
And keep you from any harm
I – I will be at your side whenever you need me
I’ll be understanding if you’ll realize you don’t love me
I wont be demanding if you have a change of mind
Just be honest to yourself and everything will be fine
L – Love is patient, love is kind
That’s the kind of love, the love of mine
Love me for what I am coz that’s the real me
Don’t love me just to feed your fantasy
Y – You are my one and only love
My heart is just for you to have
But if you’ll find a special someone
Always remember “I” am only one
N – No one can replace you my man
Nobody can take my heart from you
Even if we will be apart, and no one
Can love you as what I have done

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