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She’s Changed

She used to be so caring, so thoughtful, so considerate, and so attached. When she was younger, she even gets to memorize all birthdays of her love ones and friends, and parting time always make her heart breaks. She used to put on efforts in always preparing something every birthday, valentine’s day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day for each of her closest friends. She values presents, cards and anything that could make any occasion extra special. But she had been taken for granted, rejected and lied upon. Her innocence had been drowned with heartaches, disappointments, distress and hatred. Until she stopped caring.

She stopped caring for people who doesn’t seem to care. She stopped reaching out for friends and loved ones who are so distant and insincere. She avoids fancy friends and get together. She’s changed. Though, deep within her, she still cares, she still worries, she still considers, but she wants to believe that she’s done hurting, she’s done expecting nothing in return, she’s done being taken for granted.


But she’s tough in the outside. Looking at her won’t give you any idea that she’d been through a lot in life. She’s still so positive in so many ways. She looks cool and in control. You can’t even tell that she’s drowning in distress, or that she’s hurting to death.

She might be a friend, a sister or relative. She might be your wife, daughter or mother. Maybe letting her know you care in your own little way can make up her day. A call or short message will do, even a simple “hi” or “hello”. Or maybe a hug, a kiss, a cuddle, an ice cream or cake from you.

She has or might change because of people like you.


P.S.: photo not mine. credit to owner.