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You Are Amazing β™₯️

August 29, 2019 marks my 1st month of being officially employed again in the virtual world πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ™‚

The best thing is, with this new employer, I got to do what I love to do and where I am really good at, and be myself again, by sharing what I learned from previous work experiences to improve existing processes and procedures, at the same time spreading some good vibes and motivations to my virtual co-workers.

Truly, I have proven now and again that “Rejection is merely a redirection: a course correction to your destiny”.

So I say, dont get frustrated if you have been layed off from work w/o prior notice, or if a client suddenly disappeared without paying a single penny for a work you have rendered, or if you still have not landed a job after your final interview on your 50th application, coz it only means you’re not meant to work with those people and that you deserve BETTER!

Just keep the faith and always pray for His guidance, and He surely will keep you on track. It might not be the track that you expected but it is definitely the track that you most deserve. And this applies to all aspects in our life.

Looking back, I realized that the reason why it took me exactly 2months, (which is my longest idle time in my 17yrs of working) before I got another job was because I didn’t really exerted enough effort on finding one. At that time, I was on the verge of getting into serious depression (reasons shared on previous post “I got lost somehow”) and I felt that getting a new job right away might just push me beyond my limits. So I opted to lie low and took my job hunting a little slowly, choosing which job to apply one at a time, and spent more on my thoughts and my being (my kind of beauty rest 😁) . I rested and did some self evaluation on what I really wanted to do (not to brag, but I think I am lucky to have an option which path to pursue based on my previous experiences). I targetted job openings for day shifts (Australian clients), but not much opportunities w/n my expertise and expected rate. Until I stumbled to a job post in one of the Facebook groups for Filipino Virtual Workers, and it is within my specialization and one that I really wanted to do, and the rate is also within my range, so I applied. That time, I was getting into the mood of really taking my job hunting seriously because bills and obligations been getting piled up 😁 & I know my husband is already worried.

Lo and behold, I was interviewed and was hired shortly, with less effort and no level of difficulty! I even find the hiring and interview process much easier and lighter compared to most of what I have been through with other applications which I didnt get hired at the end of the day. πŸ™„πŸ˜

Sometimes, all you need to do is take a break, breath your negative vibe out, relax, and take one step at a time with prayers and confidence. And you’ll be amazed, one day, you already have what your heart truly desires, with less effort, and little to no difficulty at all! It can be a dream job, a dream salary, a dream boss… Or all of it at the same time.

All because God never miss the fact that you are amazing! And He ALWAYS answer to prayers of all amazing persons (like you and me), not in OUR time though, but in HIS time. When He knows you are entirely ready for it. So pack up your worries, anxities, depressions, and all unwanted emotions, piece by piece, and start unloading them, and leave each of ’em behind, as you make a step forward, towards your better self. Coz HE is at the other side of that entire barrier, waiting for you to take what you’ ve been asking for. πŸ˜‰πŸ™β˜οΈ

Because you deserve it!

I think this is a lot of writings already, for now! 😊 Thank you for reading this far!

Do not forget that you are amazing!
All of us are! ❀️

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It’s my 1st anniversary in the home-based industry!

It’s been a year since I wrote this:


My husband is now back in service at the PNP and was promoted to higher rank (PO2) last month. And we were able to obtain our own little town house in Imus Cavite (mortgage thru Pag-ibig). Not fully furnished but better than renting an apartment in the metro. My eldest daughter is now 12 yrs old while the youngest (son) turned 4 last 8th of June.

And I am now working for Citigroup (Citibank) in the business process solutions doing similar task as with the BPO. I just got regularized here in Citi last April, and my journey of getting hired and regularized by this prestigious Financial Institution has not been easy. The company, the pay and the people I am working with are all great and totally not an issue, but due to several important reasons, I decided to leave.

One of which is the distance of my work from home. Travelling from Taguig to Imus can be very exhausting, which happens most of the time. Preparing and going to and from work has been consuming most of my off-work hrs in daily basis, ranging from 6-8 hrs daily. I have to left home early each morning in order not be caught up in traffic and at the end of each working day, I arrived home so tired and exhausted and can barely check on my kids.

With this, comes another reason. My daughter is now at the early stage of her adolescent years while my son is now starting to build up his foundation of knowledge. He is a very curious, playful and energetic kid but doesn’t want to go to school because he hates writing. All he wanted to do is read, draw, sing, dance and play. We enrolled him to Nursery 2 but has not been going to school after his 1st wk. My kids are now both in the most sensitive stage of growing up and I strongly felt the need for me to really look after them closely and guide them properly, which I have not been able to do because of my working situation.

On the other hand, I have been wanting to start up some business of my own but don’t really know what works for me that wont involve large amount of money. Thus, I setup a Facebook page about business. I signed up on the food franchise networking, but not been able to really work on it, also because of my current working situation.

So, with the above mentioned drivers, I came up with a decision of resigning from work. Its a major and risky decision because if I wont be able to generate any income on the following months, we might get screwed up with our finances because my husbands salary alone wont get us any further with the mortgage, the bills, the tuition, the parents and relatives to support, and our daily consumption.

But I took the risk anyway, believing that I will be able to make it in any way. I can feel the need for me to do this in order to change the course of my family’s life.


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The Sweetest Distraction

Hello Sweeties! Happy Friday y’all!

I have not been able to write for the past few months and as you can see, I have been sharing quotes and daily readings from ODB, from time to time, just to keep my site going (And I do appreciate those who liked my posts, I thank you all, big time! it means a lot to me! 😊).

But this, I would surely want to share. I am now working remotely in the comfort of my home, as I have been for over a month now, enjoying my time, as a hands-on mom and a working mom, both at the same time.

So, when my 4yrs old son is at home, which is mostly the case (his school is only 3hrs a day) he always do stuff to grab my attention. He loves to play blocks and puzzles and he gets very happy and energetic when being praised.

He wants to always hear me say “Wow! Thats nice!”, “Very good!” “You’re so good at that!”, “That’s pretty!”, and gets really upset if I dont pay attention to what he did (for me, apparently 😜).

And so, the pic collage are just some of his “artworks”. I dont recognize some of the figures but he has a name for each one 😁. I think, there is an elephant in there, a pyramid, a house with a huge ball on the rooftop, and I dont remember the rest (lol).

He made all of ’em the other day and had me choose one figure each time he finishes another one, (“mom, which one is your favorite?”) and put (my choice) or replace the (previous) figure on top of my working table, across my line of sight while am working on some report. And he did this over and over, to the point that I can no longer compose a complete sentence on my report being distracted by him every minute or two, having me react and choose, until I got pissed off.

Patience consumed, I turned to him angrily, “Stop! why can’t you just play on your own?! Right there on the other side! You’re distracting me here! Can’t you see mommy is working?” And then, he gave me a naughty-pity face, and said “That’s for you mom! My gift for you! Coz you working!”

I just melted right there 😍 πŸ’•

More to mention, everynight he wont go to sleep until I do (I work online till 10 or 11pm) and everytime I tell him to go to bed upstairs he would say “Antay lang kita mommy! Kasi wala ka kasama dito! Sama lang kita!” (“I’ll wait for you mommy, coz you’re alone here, I’ll keep you company”) And lately, I’m being able to convince him to go to bed telling him “Its ok! Mommy will be fine here! You can go to bed and wait for me there!” But he would still go back and forth to me several times and would say “Titingnan lang kita mommy!” (“Just checking on you mommy!”) Which also distracts me everytime πŸ˜†πŸ˜Šβ˜Ί.

The sweetest distraction though! πŸ’“